Aeronautical Engineering


Aeronautical Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering is a branch of engineering, that is the same branch of  Mechanical Engineering that relates to the exploration and developmental of the Aircraft.

It has two extending branches such as-

  1. Aeronautical Engineering and
  2. Astronautical Engineering.
  • It involves testing all the important facet of aviation for development and concerned.It concerned with the manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • In this field includes an analysis of the simplified characteristics of planes, including performance and related factors such as airflow, control surface, elevators and drag.


The eligibility and admission process for the courses mentioned above are

  1. B.E/
  • Candidates have to Emerge for JEE Main exam in order to get admission in IIT and NIT. And other Exams are also attend by the many authority like OJEE and other exams.Some other state universities have their own avenue exam.


  • Some other state universities have their own avenue exam.